Saturday, January 7, 2012

Savers buy one get one finds

Today I ventured out again (The month of sickness is driving me insane!) because Savers was having a buy one get one free ($10 and under) sale for club members.  I was hoping to find some decent looking greenery but instead I bought this in two trips.

All this treasure for seventeen dollars!  The humidifiers may not be decorative, but they are sure needed.  We are having a dry winter in Arkansas so far.  We are drying up like fish out of water around here!  I am going to have my father-in-law blow them out with his air compressor and then run a round of vinegar water through them to clean them out.  The camera!!  Vintage love.  All of my vintage cameras are black so this gray and silver beauty will be a welcome change.  (I am still looking for a creamy white vintage camera...not sure if one exists, but I am keeping my hopes up.) I plan to scuff the skates a bit more, treat them with tea stain wash, and rust the blades a bit more. They will be part of my Christmas decor next year.

I got a kick out of my friend Travis' comment about the skates, "Ice skates in (Arkansas) seem like mission workers; somehow brought here to spread word of another world, where water turns cold and people walk on ponds and lakes."

I found these three things at the Salvation Army for three dollars.  The vintage felt letters are perfect for a project I have in mind.  The bowl will soon hold my one little house plant.  The fifty cent frame is for a wreath alternative project I am working on.  

I am seriously loving my new old camera.  Here it is in its new home on top of our TV armoire. 
(See my greenery need?)

Those are my fabulous finds for this week.  
I think it was twenty dollars well spent and I love the fact that it was all resale finds.  
Saving money and making use of old things. 

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  1. So excited about your blog! Yeap, you are right, we have the same thrift passion ;-) love it! Clelia