Sunday, January 15, 2012

Picture Perfect Room for 2012

My living room is in need of an intervention.  I have furniture that is too large for the space, an awkward floor plan, and a strange squarish shaped room that defies my limited knowledge of furniture placement.  When I saw Funky Junk Interior's Picture Perfect: A completed room for 2012 challenge I was excited.  I am a little competitive.  Even with myself.  Give me a challenge or even a list to cross off and I will be more productive.  My problem with focusing on a single room is the Murphy's law home improvement clause.   

Any home improvement project, once started, will grow larger and more expensive than said homeowner ever imagined it would.  

It is easy to do little projects here and there but the big projects always turn into a bigger deal.

Well, at least that is how it seems to be around here.  Already ideas are percolating in my head that will cause my husband to groan.  It is kind of like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.  One thing leads to another and then flooring is ripped up, walls come down, and attics are reorganized.  All from a living room redo?  Um, yep.  The good thing is, with all those plans in mind I now know what color to paint my kitchen.  (I always try to look on the bright side.)

Here are the before pictures of our living room.  No photographic touch-ups or soft focus. (Don't think I wasn't tempted to do anything to make this look better.)  It is tidy though.  Surely that counts for something.  I hope to get a new couch and chairs this year. 

I sold the loveseat that matches our couch thinking that these two chairs would work better, or take up less room, or something.  I was wrong. (Don't tell my husband I admitted that!)  The black one is the most comfortable in the house though.  I am thinking about ordering a slipcover for it and painting the wood.  Since it is completely worn out, I might even try painting the fabric like one of my favorite bloggers did here at Girls With Good Taste.  

This is the view from the dining nook.  Six plus months ago Barry and I painted and distressed the armoire and we still have not finished the doors and put them back on.  That is first on my list.

All the streaky marks from my quick spray paint job on this yard sale find are sooo visible in this photo.  I am going to try chalk paint on this piece.

These chairs are also going to get a paint job.  The small one is a yard sale find but the large one is from my Grandma Conner's kitchen.  It is not very sturdy, but I plan to tighten it up with some wood glue and keep it aside for decoration rather than everyday use.

Everything in this picture is being revamped to some extent.  The chair and stool will both be painted and recovered.  The large painting over the piano will probably go to a project for my bedroom, and I would like to figure out a way to touch up the nicks and dings in the piano.  I have seen some fantastic painted pianos but I do not think I am that brave.  It was an amazing find at $25 and is in excellent playing order.  I do not want to do anything to change that.

Here is our Lego village that is often located right in the middle of the living room floor.  We are trying to think of a cool way to make them sturdy yet moveable.  More on that later.

My three dollar typing table is going to have a makeover.  Black legs with a cream top all distressed.  I want a cottage look with a little industrial here and there to keep it from being too sweet.

I find this little lizard family all over the house.  They are Bitsy's latest favorite toys and they go everywhere with her.  Gotta love my tomboys!

Our entrance is small and kind of blah.  To the right are the doors that should be on our TV armoire.  You can see all our junk piled by the front door.  With no garage and only two closets it is a struggle to find places for our everyday items, but I did get some excellent ideas from the latest issue of Cottages & Bungalows.

So there it is in all its hideous reality. The attic reorganization started yesterday.  We have to clean out the attic (Part of the bargain to get my husband to take up the plywood and rewire the cable and surround sound.) The good thing?  I have a few boxes of stuff to take to the resale shop.  I went through all my holiday boxes and some vintage stash this week.  The next foray will be camping gear then keepsakes.  Ugh.  That is why I am blogging about it.  I will be ashamed of myself if I do not keep working on it, is my link to:


  1. Fun! I can't wait to see your "After" pictures! Here's a link:

    for how to fix wood scratches with a walnut. (Although I've read concerns about nut allergies, or using the trick extensively drawing ants, so that's something to consider.) There's a funny video version of the instructions near the bottom of the page.

  2. Thanks, Jolene! I will check it out. And thanks for mentioning the allergy issue. One of Beth's best friends is allergic.