Thursday, January 5, 2012

Post-holiday decorating blah

Sorting out some of the junk decorative items that had been packed away while our Christmas decorations were out.  Everything looks so bare right now with Christmas things put away and the normal bits and bobs back out.  I feel like everything needs a little touching up but I am not sure what would make it work better.  What is something you changed after the holidays?

I am perusing my favorite Cottage blog, Cottage Instincts, for ideas.  Cindy's blog is my favorite cottage blog because she is so real and down to earth.  She is not ashamed to be on a decorating budget, she put up pictures of her house while messy, and she is funny...all things that make me like her even more.  She also has an amazing collection of cottage blog links that helped me to understand what style of decorating I like and why.

So check out Cottage Instincts and check back here for sad pictures of my post-holiday decorating.  I need some fresh ideas!

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  1. Mom has the self discipline list on our white board and believe it or not, it has inspired me to decorate my little corner of our house. Once I get things all straightened out I'll post some pictures too.